Thoughts on Global Illumination

Global illumination is about, gathering photon distribution. photon distribution is largely a result of geometry and participating media, resulting in different amount of photons in volume and surface.

Is it possible to transform global illumination to a different space, which is easy to compute photon distribution, then transform the result to the 3D domain?

Is there a math model to capture the characteristics of global illumination, which is efficient to compute? 🙂

Or, what’s the characteristics of global illumination? It’s the result of light transport in participating media and surfaces.


  • Understand light transport
  • Simplify light transport to capture essential characteristics of light transport
  • Understand geometry
  • Simplify geometry representation: is it possible to represent it in a different domain?
  • Understand participating media
  • Simplify participating media: is it possible to represent it in a different domain?


  • Grind down geometry representation to see how it looks in a different space

Light transport is observed in scientific efforts of capturing the statistics of light transport. For example, light transports in straight line is a conclusion of statistics of photon transportation. Is it possible to abstract the light transport mechanism?

Using Python 3.7 via Virtual Environment

Set up python 3.7 virtual environment:

Terminal command in home directory:

  • mkdir .seleniumVirtualEnvPy
  • python3.7 -m venv .seleniumVirtualEnvPy/python3.7

Set up alias for activating python3.7:

Terminal command:

  • vi ~/.bash_profile
  • alias activate_python3=’source ~/.seleniumVirtualEnvPy/python3.7/bin/activate’

Test activate python 3.7 with alias:

Terminal command:

  • source ~/.bash_profile
  • activate_python3

Succeeded activation of python 3.7:

Example of terminal output change:

  • Shens-MacBook-Pro:~ GypsyShen$ -> (python3.7) Shens-MacBook-Pro:~ GypsyShen$ 

MRV Fee Payment for H1B VISA Appointment at Shanghai

Problem: in the US and no debit card of China CITIC Bank to pay the MRV fee.

Solution: go for Taobao service for the payment:

Note: it’s possible to create an account using US credit card, US address, and gmail. I am using Chase for the payment. The system automatically convert US dollars to RMB, so we don’t have to convert US to RMB within the US bank account, which isn’t supported by certain banks, such as Chase – the one I’m using.










Which one is more important?

Story after story, or theory.

Story is suggestive, infinite.

Theory, could be infinite, guards the way for expressing the story

Set Up Bash Script on MacOS Terminal

In terminal:

  • vi (create bash file “” and open the editor on terminal)
  • type:


echo hello world

  • ESC; Shift + Z + Z (exit editing file)
  • chmod u+x apple (grant permission for current user to execute the bash)
  • ./apple (execute the bash)
  • expected result in terminal: hello world


So this morning the question finally hit my head: do I love Boston? If yes, why? If no, is there a reason to stay? A reason strong enough for me to love Boston?

I guess it’s lying on my heart for very long time. Longer than I know. Until this morning, the awakening of Spring time, might activated it floating to surface, or that my memories are smashed during burning out, making it to awareness.

Should I say, I love that Boston slapped me when I tried to embrace it with my full heart, when I landed here 23 years old, from the lighthearted San Francisco, hoping to start a fresh new life? That people are cold and indifferent, when I was not yet a grown up, when I still fully believed the sunny side in everyone? I was a little afraid of the new city, yet excited for the unknowns. When I was afraid and appeared weak, people attacked me by being rude. I was still not good at accurately expressing myself in cultural aspects, or in New England way. Does that mean, I did not deserve to be respected, as a west-coaster, a Mainlander from top university, a CG lover and researcher with a master degree from top CG school in the US? Why is it more important to appear high end than being respected? Should I say that I love to receive a supercilious look when I visit a local sandwich stop as a fresh visitor, just because I’m too smiley, because I had many many easy little joys in west coast adventuring food? That would prove I’m a full stupid, correct?? Now I can live decently and comfortably in Boston. Because I built a fucking shell in my heart to protect myself. Unconsciously, instinctively. I hate it. This shell prevents myself from getting close to anybody.

Yes. Boston has the strength – when friendship builds, it doesn’t easily break. Maybe in California, it would always feel like floating, not rooting. Some day, the Boston way may grow the root towards a sense of home. Maybe this slow warmth in Boston has helped me grow stronger. It’s out of awareness and it strongly protects me from feeling pale.

I guess that, I should, let it go. And, start to love Boston. In the easy way, not changing any bit of myself. For the strength. Let the hatred go. Otherwise, it would overwhelm myself to be irrational. I will, however, remove the hard shell in my heart. I will never close my heart towards the fresh-visitors from anywhere. Never treat them like how I was treated. I will, let all it go. I will bring the SF, LA Sophie, SLC Yang, back.

But you don’t know why you cry

The lover you can’t forget

The shades that mix

Tiring heart

How to set free

Too young to stand the wild

Too stubborn to know the loss of cutting love

Too often to evoke the shouldn’t

Too vertigo to distinguish the truth

Maybe just

It will never leave


It’s part of you

It’s nothing else

It’s just, part of you.

But you don’t know why you cry