This document is built to give necessary details of setting up the TRaX simulator for Windows. The instruction can be found at, but additional details are are eliminated which may cause a lot errors. Here I will color these details in red:

We have tested the compilation with Visual Studio 2010. It may be possible to use a different compiler when using CMAKE.
1. CMAKE – download from

Make sure you’ve downloaded the minimum required version of the built program, or you’ll have to re-download the required version. My suggestion is to download the latest version.

2. Python – required to link final bytecode to be used within simtrax.

DO NOT download Python 3/3+, because the llvm-build tool does not support Python 3.

Add the path of Python to system variables.

3. ImageMagick – required for image output at the end of execution (more specifically convert). download from

4. LLVM 3.1 – included within as simtrax/llvm_trax/llvm-3.1.tar.gz. Please note that pre-package version has been modified from what’s available online.

5. Clang – download the pre-compiled Windows version (which comes with the LLVM 3.1 distribution) from Please make sure to use the correct version!

6. Pthreads for Windows – pre-compiled library is available at

7. We assume Visual Studio 2010, which was tested, but other compilers may work just as well.