Many photographers are experimenting with creating timelapse or stop motion animations with their cameras.  Yes, you can create a time-lapse movie with photoshop as long as you have the Extended version.

To do this kind of work, the camera is typically placed on a secure tripod and a series of still photos is taken with their camera of a scene.  Typically teh photos are taken at regular intervals.

  1. Organize your frames. You’ll need between 12 and 30 images for each second of animation, so chances are you’ll have a lot of source material.  Make sure all the images are in one folder and that they are named sequentially. If needed, you can use the Batch Rename command in Adobe Bridge to fix any naming issues.  Files should be named similar to frame001, frame002, frame003, and so on.
  2. Open your animation. When you’re ready, it’s time to open the image sequence…

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