I just went to Siggraph to have fun and to see what happened this year. Emerging techniques and real time rendering attracted most of my attentions. Emerging techniques are almost about AR and VR. I think technology is really about helping people to enjoy their lives in a better way or a different way. And AR is there, you can interact with your imagination, which makes me excited. But AR is still limited by the field of view, and I don’t like the fact that we have to wear a device to see the virtual world. It would be really cool if we could see the virtual world and interact with it without wearing any device, like in the TV show Black Mirror.

Emerging techniques: AR, VR

Houdini: lots of movies use Houdini for their visual effects, such as Inside Out and Tomorrowland

Renderman: worth a try.

Vulkan: next generation Graphics API.

Path tracer: universe everywhere because it’s physically based. Performance is the core component that people care about.

Stay employed in entertainment industry:
(a) Self publication: as a new grad, if you want to fill the gap of your professional level and the industry requirement, you could set up side projects to grow.
(b) Portforlio is the most important thing.
(c) Cover letter is more important than resume.
(d) Read marketing book to learn how to sell yourself. Meetup and LinkedIn are good ways to grow your network.

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