I just got back from WWDC in San Francisco, feeling lucky that Originate sponsored me and I was selected by the lottery the first time I attend WWDC. The biggest gain, through WWDC, is not just the lessons and labs I went to, but also the people I met, and the energies and inspirations they brought to me, which have made an impact of my life, I think.

Today is the first Saturday morning since I got back from WWDC. As usual, I got up around 10am and made a delicious brunch with my boyfriend, then enjoyed the morning – no work, no hurries for anything, just feel the relaxing moment. Then my boyfriend began his normal routine of Saturday – went to the Taekwondo class. And I – I wanted to do different things today. I mostly do reading and sometimes playing piano on Saturday. But I want to try creating today.

I am very inspired by one person I met in WWDC, Sean Rose, an artist and technologist, who has rich engineer experience on most platforms and fabulous galleries all created by himself. But I am more inspired by the way he created the galleries – “I frequently spend a quiet Saturday morning over coffee, spinning a vinyl record, creating images from my sketches or imagination.”. Spending Saturday morning on creating is more meaningful than always reading or playing piano, because I think creating is the way to enforce the inner power of creating while reading and playing piano are more like understanding other thoughts and learning.

I’ve done a lot learning since I born, but I always feel something is lacking in my mind – I want to have strong opinions but I couldn’t come up with much, solely because most things I did in my life was finishing assignments. So I think I can’t just do what others ask me to do, I need to strengthen the voice in my mind, though it’s so weak that I can barely hear it. Why is the voice of the mind so important? Because I agree with Steven Spielberg’s opinion that following the strongest voice in your mind will help finding the mission of your life, which he mentioned on his speech on Harvard Commencement 2016.

I also met my friend Giles Holbrow after I arrived San Francisco for WWDC. He has been working on his personal project – cyanotypes of a bunch of his favorite albums. Creating the cyanotypes are kind of a complex process. When he talked about the process he made these arts, he looked so enjoyed and fulfilled. That’s also  what I’m pursuing. I hope I can talk about my project like that someday.

Enough for today. Thank my effort of keeping reading, that I am able to express my feeling in the way I like – not like writing papers, but more literary. Starting from this blog, I’ll keep creating on Saturday morning. Maybe I can find my mission, then.