I’m from China, in F-1 student visa. Although I can’t vote, and the result apparently matters less to me, I’m personally deeply distraught and hurt by the presidency-elect outcome. I do really appreciate and enjoy the diversity of the United States. I feel I can breathe freely just knowing that I’m in a tolerant place where anyone can pursue his/her dreams, and I’m in a place that’s capable of improving the environment. All of these give me hope and motivation. I felt happy every day. I have a lot good friends from different countries, with colors, and funky accents. My U.S. schoolmates and friends all share the same vision as Hillary. They are open minded, kind, and intelligent. I have no idea why the Trump supporters can’t see the difference of him and her. If both are bad, there’s relatively a worse one. I tried to calm down by concentrating on programming or walking around, but I really can’t. The entire city, Boston, Cambridge, is in a after 9-11 vibe. So I decided to write down, let myself burn to tears. I am really, deeply sad for what happened. For whoever voted for Trump, no matter how you think, you are killing diversity, fair, and beautiful dreams. You hurt and confused those who constituted the essential dreams of the United States. I will never forgive and respect you.