I must have been making an offset from everywhere I was in

I’m thinking, in an bright, sunny afternoon

The temperature  is so moderate

Grasses in the yard are lightly blowing in the soft wind

Mommy left me home studying

But I’m just drawing something, and not playing piano assignments!!!

Occasionally look at myself in the mirror,  make some faces, feel like an escape. ? ;P

Can I just forget the examinations?

Can I not have motivations?

Can I stop being rational?

Can I call my playmates and say, let’s start that fiction!

Can I ignore the “caring”s and “warning”s?

Have you, have you ever thought about forgetting? then, look at me like no hesitation?

Where’re these directions from?

The genuine value of the little goodness in uncertainty and irrational is not being nicely treated

I miss that cool girl who never smile. it was so temporary