I love snow. It’s so pure, white, n cute. But I miss the rain in Shanghai. I love rain, for a reason that I’m not clear. It’s probably builtin in my soul. I was only in Shanghai for a day in my life, but I fall in love with the city.

It was rainy when I was visiting – my favorite weather. The air was so fresh and humidified. It embraced me when I got out of the airport. Hm.. yes. The buildings are stylish, old, clean. It’s like a pretty old lady who always flowing out a sense of a daisy-fresh-pretty-fashionable-city girl.

In the street, elm is everywhere. Elm is the kind of tree that I personally love. I love that the leaves are loosely arranged. The color of the leaf is neither too light nor too dark. The shape and lines of the leaf are clear and not too tricky. The leaf is not too thick yet not too thin. When they are in the rain, I feel there’s a kind note flowing around.

I love Shanghai cuisine too. It’s not like I love southern Chinese cuisines (Chinese southern cuisines are in a few genres and tastes slightly different. Cantonese cuisine is one), but that I love The Shanghai cuisine – the type and level of sweetness are only right for me. The combination of fruits in deserts is of my type. The softness and sweetness of meat hit my heart!

But sadly, I don’t like a lot of the people in Shanghai. They are in a rush. I do love the old and poor people – they know Shanghai. It would be great if there aren’t so many people in Shanghai, n more bookstores. :p :p