Life is good

This warm feeling, helps me forgetting the slight sadness of being lonely. when confusion came, when negligence crushed

Thank you for coming to my life

Inspiring me being sincere and kind

Your rain dropping to my mind

Opens up my full perception

In the unconscious jokes, in your encouragement

It seems everything just worked out!

When I treat the beings with my sincerity

On the train, on the elevator, on the sunny cafe

This moment, in the spacious living room standing the peaceful light, and my fancy imperfect piano, collections of books, vinyls, and paintings, me feeling a slight awareness before drying out after bath, I’m thinking

It’s the ideal life

You, quietness, fresh air, gentle crowds, little limits, dead brain training to go sexy:P

This moment, is nice – the dream of that little girl – on the edge.


Feb 17, 2017

Cambridge, MA