so my brain is crazy now,

I believe it’s fun to record.

The animation trailer for BBB is going well so far.. we landed off the initial story to make it as silly as possible – Candy turned my super logic and technical story to one that’s silly, fun and make-no-sense.. But I love it! Somehow I think being silly is a golden trait… because it makes you laugh then u just remember it! One common thing we agreed with is bringing personalities to things – that’s good. it means we’re keeping the essentials of the story while filter out redundant thoughts during brainstorms.

I doodled the initial color scripts with color pens this morning, along with text in Mandarin and English to complete the story. To complete the color scripts, I have to add mood, emotion, and lighting to the doodled color scripts. I initially wanted to use Microsoft’s Paint 3D, as it looks fairly easy to scratch 3D models. But when I tried it in Microsoft Store this evening, I found the rendering is not fast enough for quick sketching. Okay, we still need the color scripts. I’ll just draw the color scripts as it’s important references of the joints of the story, since drawing is the most intuitive and convenient way.. Maybe after the color scripts I could ask some artists to refine them.

Once color scripts are done, the next step is to animate the trailer in the shortest time. It would be simple and crude, but that’s fine – the idea is to refine the story over and over again by watching the story being animated. Once the story is polished, we could polish the art and style of the trailer.

I am so excited that I’m directing an animation trailer! Even I am scared that some animations take long time (years) to finish, I’d like to see how my first animation trailer ends up to be.

Dopamine doesn’t end up being useful on color scripts.. I am sad for that.. but I think if we decide to render in 3D, I could try Dopamine..

I am exhausted and excited. Heavy things come in the same time.. My skill is absolutely lacking. But I should stop fear and keep going!