The typical business model of making animation film is hit-driven, which starts from investment before production, and ends with returns from cinema [1]. One problem of this business model is the uncertainty of returns with high investment mainly cost by the high-budget and long production process, which evolves a lot labor work at design, texturing, modeling, etc. The uncertainty is caused by the uncertainty of the quality of the story due to insufficient time and budget on story development, and by the high cost of time and endeavor on the uncontrollable production process.

If we could replace the labor work of the production process with technology, the production period would be shortened from 3 or 4 years to less than 2 years, and the budget could be cut into half. With the fast production time, the studio has the control over iterately modifying the film in the production process with story changes, hence has more flexibility and less time-consumption on converting story changes into production. With the quality control and fast development of production with technology doing labor work, the studio has more certainty of succeeding at a movie. Investors would also be more confident to invest a movie with small budget.

Now the problem is, what are the specific labor work at animation production studios? If we could identify the labor work, then devise solutions to them, the approach of shortening production period is within reach.

Is it possible to attract investment for an automatic production pipeline if we build a mvp with automatic production pipeline, and test with animated shorts by animation studios to prove the efficiency of the pipeline (short time, high-quality, low budget compared with previous movies)?

To further the approach to an animation studio, does it help if I work with animation studio to design specific automation production pipeline for each movie?


[1] Redesign Business Model of Animation Films