I’ve been using Blender Game Engine (BGE) to render test scenes for animations (rayleigh and mie scatterings, perlin noise, etc.) hoping to make the animation compatible with other features of Blender. There’re a few drawbacks I encountered that I decided to stop using it.

First, there’s no way to animate custom GLSL uniforms. I wanted to make a demo of sunrise and perlin noise changes with automatic changing of uniforms, but unfortunately I can only trigger the changes manually.

Second, the computation is limited – GLSL custom shader stops working when I have rayleigh and mie scatterings, and 2 perlin noise calculations.

I choose BGE without a thorough research on its functionality of the compatibility with other animation features on Blender, so I’ve come to a dead end. Looking back, most of my time was wasted on learning how to use BGE while developing the rendering algorithms. If I did the research on the functionality of BGE, I’d save a lot development time by using a more flexible platform, or just developing a standalone project.