Beijing, 2013 Summer

Hi, I’m Yang Shen, my nickname is Sophie. I’m an independent animator creating animated shorts with my own animation tool Dopamine –  for myself and for friends. The vision is conveying stories and literature in a way that goes across lingual and cultural barriers. Because I deeply believe that animation can impact just as stories and literature, but has more capability of visualizing abstracted concepts and more visually engaging. I’m also a full-time Software Engineer at Originate building software products from prototype or mvp. My background is on R&D on 3D physically-based and real-time renderings, games, wireless sensor network at Graphics Lab at University of Utah with the supervision of Dr. Cem Yuksel, Chinese Academy of Science with the supervision of Dr. Huai-Yu Wu, and Multimedia Lab at Beijing Jiaotong University with the supervision of Xudong Cheng and Yu Wu.

I like the feeling of creating. Either writing a poem, or composing a piano piece, or implementing an idea with my fav programming languages (Swift and C++), or doodling, or editing pixels to express a style.

One of the fun things I’ve been enjoying for years is working and studying in different cities. The greatness is seeing and understanding the difference of cultures.  It could be tough, though. I lived in Beijing for 3.5 years for college, Salt Lake City for 2.5 years for grad study, Los Angeles for 1.5 month for an internship and San Francisco for 3 months for a job integration. I stayed at New York City and Charlotte. Currently, I live in Cambridge, MA – a lovely university town. I spent my childhood in Huan County, Gansu, China, where I learned traditional Chinese dancing, Chinese landscape painting, calligraphy, piano, and the habit of reading and writing. I began writing poems in my puberty, because it helps releasing pain.

I want to live a simple, happy and productive life. I believe that working, studying, creating and conquering challenges contribute the most to a refresh and smart brain!


I opened this blog to record my “weird” inspirations, works and hobbies, such as coding, photography, computer art work, music and actually anything else I fancy.


CSDN.NET: I wrote technical instructions for game programming while I was in China. I stopped updating that blog since I opened this one.

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