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But you don’t know why you cry

The lover you can’t forget

The shades that mix

Tiring heart

How to set free

Too young to stand the wild

Too stubborn to know the loss of cutting love

Too often to evoke the shouldn’t

Too vertigo to distinguish the truth

Maybe just

It will never leave


It’s part of you

It’s nothing else

It’s just, part of you.

But you don’t know why you cry

Run Ionic App on iPhone via Public Wifi

Problem: `iOS DevApp` stucks at “Listening for apps on your network”

Cause: public wifi is not local network, which is the requirement of detecting the app running on machine via “Listening for apps on your network”

Solution: use `ngrok` to route a public URL for the `iOS DevApp`:

GLSL: Two Shader Programs in Three Viewports

119 013- 0 039

Steps to render the above sunrise rendering from one viewport to three viewports, to compare three elements of sunrise – Rayleigh, Mie, Rayleigh and Mie:

  • In fragment shaders of the skydome and the area light, set three outputs
  • In CPU, configure three textures for a framebuffer, each of which is rendered from a color attachment [1]. The three color attachments take values of the three outputs from the fragment shaders [2]
  • In the framebuffer, render the two fragment shaders of the skydome and area light to the three textures
  • Render the three textures to three viewports on the screen [2]
image from ios


[1] Fragment Shader Output Buffers.

[2] Render To Texture.

GLSL Debugging Trick: Version Control

Small mistakes could be time-consuming to find out in GLSL shaders. But found a good way to figure out:

If the shader is not working after some change, check the code change in version control tools, compare line by line change, from which figure out what change broke the shader.

In this example, I deleted the left parenthesis, then the shader broke. But figured out immediately with the help of version control comparison:



I am getting too comfortable in Boston

Like melting..

Unlike jumping and leaving in the past

This time, I can stay

After all, it’s the people that matters

Thought, Salt Lake City is lover

Her beauty is not comparable

Thoughts on Short Production and Research

While I’ve been struggling and deciding whether to reinvent the wheel for the production of the short film, or to use existing techniques, Christmas and New Year break helped me clear my mind, realizing that re-inventing the wheel would be time-consuming, even it’s what I really want to do. I have the responsibility to deliver the film one time 😉

I could do the two things simultaneously, by focusing on important things and delegating unnecessary works. Luckily the important things are what I love – research! Yay!