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Even in research community, innovation falls off when researchers follow pattern without questioning to root.

More exciting is perhaps in, where raw creativity come out. It doesn’t necessarily fully come from research papers.

Which one is more important?

Story after story, or theory.

Story is suggestive, infinite.

Theory, could be infinite, guards the way for expressing the story

But you don’t know why you cry

The lover you can’t forget

The shades that mix

Tiring heart

How to set free

Too young to stand the wild

Too stubborn to know the loss of cutting love

Too often to evoke the shouldn’t

Too vertigo to distinguish the truth

Maybe just

It will never leave


It’s part of you

It’s nothing else

It’s just, part of you.

But you don’t know why you cry


I am getting too comfortable in Boston

Like melting..

Unlike jumping and leaving in the past

This time, I can stay

After all, it’s the people that matters

Thought, Salt Lake City is lover

Her beauty is not comparable

Thoughts on Short Production and Research

While I’ve been struggling and deciding whether to reinvent the wheel for the production of the short film, or to use existing techniques, Christmas and New Year break helped me clear my mind, realizing that re-inventing the wheel would be time-consuming, even it’s what I really want to do. I have the responsibility to deliver the film one time 😉

I could do the two things simultaneously, by focusing on important things and delegating unnecessary works. Luckily the important things are what I love – research! Yay!

Pros and Cons of PhD for Expressive Graphics Techniques of Animated Short

Via PhD or a startup, the focus is to take Expressive Graphics techniques to create animated short films.

Here is a list of pros and cons of choosing PhD or directly work on it alongside a full-time Software Engineer job:

Pros of PhD:

  • Resource in the industry of Expressive Graphics
  • Credibility of the capability for turning the research idea into product of the startup. Because investors like to see such training

Cons of PhD:

  • Challenging to find good match in research interests in the USA. (except for University of Cambridge, where it is possible to propose a whole new area. As long as there is a match with advisors, the student could get admitted)
  • Give up the startup in Boston due to visa conflict
  • Challenging to get funding

Pros of working on the startup alongside full-time software engineer job:

  • Access to business / investment resources in Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Finish the ongoing projects
  • Get the startup run in the right direction
  • Don’t have to worry about funding

Cons of working on the startup alongside full-time software engineer job:

  • Challenging to get equal credibility as via a PhD program. How to complement: do the same level of intensity in mentality training as PhD programs
  • Challenging to keep up the productivity before getting green card
  • Challenging to get funding
  • Challenging to acquire a creative team