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time is changing

I’m listening different music

It feels like new life.



my love for you did not fade away.

it’s getting clearer.



I love you.

Nov 27, 2017

Cambridge, MA

“人一旦迷醉于自身的软弱之中,便会一味软弱下去,会在众人的目光下倒在街头,倒在地上,倒在比地面更低的地方。” —- 米兰 昆德拉 《不能承受的生命之轻》



不。任何事物都是创造出来的。我应该用热情对待每一件事,这才是美丽的。没有热情,创造出来的任何东西都是没有热情的 =)

Skill and Creativity

In creative activities requiring professional skills, it’s the creativity that gradually shapes the idea by making decisions based on experimental results. If one has good skills, but not much creativity, the outcome can’t be great.

Monument Valley

That mobile game is so intriguing because it’s the player’s observation and action that makes the beautiful scene starting to turn. That’s a feeling of exploration and satisfaction of elegant reward after trying a few times and finally get it right.

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

Real starry night is not like that. But Vincent’s Starry Night is still recognizable because the basics of starry night maintains the same as the real starry night. Vincent’s artistic perspective is reflected in the flows of clouds and distorted shapes of the architectures.

When Look Back

I can’t believe I’ve been in the states for 5 years.

Still remember the first time when I arrived the states at Salt Lake City, my only wish was working and studying at California. Because I heard the weather is nice, with sunshine all over the year. There’re warm, pale sands in the endless beach. The ocean reflects dancing lights in the sunshine. Ebb and flow. I imagined it would be like tropical all the time. I told my roomie about it. We both believed it was a beautiful hope. It was that simple.

But I ended up loving east coast more than California. The wish feels like an old dream, like a century ago. But it also feels like yesterday.

I changed. Hope changed. Dream changed. But I still have the love of simulating photons and making art and animation out of it. I’m glad for that.

Bye, BGE

I’ve been using Blender Game Engine (BGE) to render test scenes for animations (rayleigh and mie scatterings, perlin noise, etc.) hoping to make the animation compatible with other features of Blender. There’re a few drawbacks I encountered that I decided to stop using it.

First, there’s no way to animate custom GLSL uniforms. I wanted to make a demo of sunrise and perlin noise changes with automatic changing of uniforms, but unfortunately I can only trigger the changes manually.

Second, the computation is limited – GLSL custom shader stops working when I have rayleigh and mie scatterings, and 2 perlin noise calculations.

I choose BGE without a thorough research on its functionality of the compatibility with other animation features on Blender, so I’ve come to a dead end. Looking back, most of my time was wasted on learning how to use BGE while developing the rendering algorithms. If I did the research on the functionality of BGE, I’d save a lot development time by using a more flexible platform, or just developing a standalone project.

Appealing Business Model of Animation Films

The typical business model of making animation film is hit-driven, which starts from investment before production, and ends with returns from cinema [1]. One problem of this business model is the uncertainty of returns with high investment mainly cost by the high-budget and long production process, which evolves a lot labor work at design, texturing, modeling, etc. The uncertainty is caused by the uncertainty of the quality of the story due to insufficient time and budget on story development, and by the high cost of time and endeavor on the uncontrollable production process.

If we could replace the labor work of the production process with technology, the production period would be shortened from 3 or 4 years to less than 2 years, and the budget could be cut into half. With the fast production time, the studio has the control over iterately modifying the film in the production process with story changes, hence has more flexibility and less time-consumption on converting story changes into production. With the quality control and fast development of production with technology doing labor work, the studio has more certainty of succeeding at a movie. Investors would also be more confident to invest a movie with small budget.

Now the problem is, what are the specific labor work at animation production studios? If we could identify the labor work, then devise solutions to them, the approach of shortening production period is within reach.

Is it possible to attract investment for an automatic production pipeline if we build a mvp with automatic production pipeline, and test with animated shorts by animation studios to prove the efficiency of the pipeline (short time, high-quality, low budget compared with previous movies)?

To further the approach to an animation studio, does it help if I work with animation studio to design specific automation production pipeline for each movie?


[1] Redesign Business Model of Animation Films