Summer is finally here!

How can I not like it?


A scent of the freshness.

From the twinkle, limpid pond,

From the lush grove =)


Inhale, and inhale.

Loving balminess melting in.. to my breathe.. to my body..


What a blessing from the blossom.

What a moment of the summer.

Don’t Escape

When learning, feeling your brain is hit, don’t escape, stop feeling frustrated. Calm, think repeatedly until get it.

Frustration only prevent from getting it faster.

Color Science

Spectrum of Light

> What would the spectrum of laser look like?

The spectrum of laser varies based on the type of the laser. Lasers differ to each other by the operation wavelengths. Since most lasers [1] have one or a few operation wavelengths, the spectrum of laser should strike at the operation wavelengths.

> Why is the refraction index dependent on wavelength?

The friction of electron in a media and the electronic field of a light (in certain wavelength(s)) changes the movement of the electron.


[1] List of laser types.

[2] Why do prisms work (why is refraction frequency dependent)?

Global Illumination in Brain

June 10 > Light scattering effects seem like closely related to impression. Reading references:

  • Learning from Failure: a Survey of Promising, Unconventional and Mostly Abandoned Renderers for ‘Dreams PS4’, a Geometrically Dense, Painterly UGC Game.


May 30 > That may related to impressionism – understanding the whole image instead of separating the image into pixels.

May 19 > While rendering global illumination takes long time, why don’t we think about the essential effect of global illumination in our brain and only render what matters?

Scene and Emotion

georgesmarion: ” How do you choose your color palette? Do you know good exercice for colorscript?”

Celine Desrumaux: “I’m really convinced that a good lighting should express the feeling of the scene. Your lightkey can be very basic but should have the majors informations for the lighting team (what is the key light, is there a Rim light? what is the color of light? what is coming from the local color of the object, and is coming from the color of the light? I’m really not a big fan of color lights, I’m a true believer of the local colors of the object.).

I would say that you can exercice everywhere, every time. I’m trying te be very open to everything. Sometimes analyzing some scenes of music video, movies. trying to understand how the DOP make his message by lights.
When I’m walking in the streets by a sunset, what the colors reflected in the windows, what is the amount of shadow at midday, in the afternoon, at night? What’s the contrast that I’m experiencing, and what it makes me feel?
Painting a frame is just a good technic, but the meaning of a scene is really a reflexion, and that’s the most important part of a lighting.”


Through the dimension of a hidden space,

I sense your voice.

It is a beating heart.

It is desire.

It is a longing happiness,

It is laughing.

From the mysterious mist,

From the deep ocean.

From a forgotten memory.

Spiral, and spiral.

Disappear, and appear.

I love you.

Turning Point

Don’t worry.

Put it down.

Let the heart, breathe.

Watching out the window.

Watch the pedestrian.

What do I miss?

And you?

Open, and open, the heart.

Color-Emotion References

Blue Color from Apex After Sunset?


As shown in the above figure, the color of sky after sunset from apex to center is blue, orange, blue. With only the sun as the light source, there shouldn’t be blue from the apex. Because, as shown in the following figure, sunlight diminishes as photon’s traveling distance increases (e.g. with the green-blue sun, the traveling distance increase from a to b), which changes from blue to red. My question is, why’s there still blue color from apex? Are there other light sources other than the sun?